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How will we ever understand the internal changes in our body? Or, how will we detect the asymptomatic illness? A regular blood test is the one-stop answer to all these uncertain questions. With regular blood check you can check for the early warning signs of any disease that will ultimately help you in preventing major health risk in future. We, here at, Sheetal Chhaya Diagnostics diagnose the ailments related to heart, lung, kidney using the blood test samples

Awareness of your health is vital to take a step towards a healthy future. With routine blood tests at Sheetal Chhaya Diagnostics, you will secure a healthy and happy future.

Why Sheetal Chhaya

Decade-long Experience

Our well-trained diagnosticians with a decade-long experience prioritize your health above everything else.


We take pride in providing top-notch services at affordable and pocket-friendly prices!


Don’t want to risk getting infection at a hospital? We provide all our services right at your doorstep!


No chance of errors or faulty reports! Sheetal Chhaya Diagnostics has a wonderful track record of reliable tests!

Report Delivery

We ensure quick report deliveries within 24-48 hours of conducting the tests! Fast track your journey to a healthier you!

Quick Service

From bookings to conducting tests to getting the results, we guarantee a speedy and comfortable process!

Key Features

Sample Test

Sample testing is done by experienced lab assistants in a professional manner.

Advanced Equipment

Our labs are equipped with world-class equipment and tools

Hygienic Labs

The tests are conducted under a controlled environment and hygienic labs to ensure zero-percent discrepancy in the results